What it is like serving others

This is from Cindy MacDonald, a parishioner at Church of the Redeemer. She helped to organize our efforts at Bothell Care Day on August 15, 2014. These are her reflections about what it is like serving others. Her thoughts come primarily through participating in washing the feet of others, but not exclusively.

Cindy writes:

My foot washing experience was from prior events. However, Bothell Care Day was remarkable in the fact that we had hundreds of volunteers. Some were from the Bothell Fire Department talking about bike safety and giving away free helmets. Some were from food banks. Some were resume writers. Some were scholarship funding from private donors.

Bothell Care Day was highly organized and impressive to see that many volunteers at one event. We  had only about eight people to serve that day washing feet, but it was good exposure to the community.

We never advertise who we are when  we attend these events. Father John [Fergueson, retired rector of Redeemer] thought that, if we start proselytizing, it might upset some people with mental illness. We come to find out it is the recipients of our foot washing that often bring up the fact that Jesus washed the disciples’ feet and what a caring gesture this is.

We talk about Christ and his ways and bible stories. I often just listen to the person that I am with, and am amazed at what I hear. Stories of their life, their struggles, and how grateful they are for events such as these. You realize very quickly that this could be you out on the streets and that we are all connected. We are all the same. You get a slight inkling of what Jesus really means by the kingdom of God. I have often been brought to tears listening to the stories because I directly feel the Holy Spirit at work. Usually it is a message that I need to hear or be reminded of.

As I left an event one sunny afternoon, I realized that my ride was  going to be late picking me up and I felt very hungry. The 20 dollar bill I had put in my front pocket had disappeared. It was probably because we were crouching down when washing feet. I knew that someone who really needed the $20 most likely found it, so it made me happy. There I was still hungry, waiting on a curb with no shade finding myself alone. It dawned on me that this is what it must feel like to be homeless, although only for a short while. It was ironic but powerful to feel the Holy Spirit at work.

Bothell Care Day 2014

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