Liturgical Arts Committee Meeting

If you have questions about the Liturgical Arts Committee, contact Bill McGlinn at

Liturgical Arts Committee meeting minutes for September 13, 2015, at 11:45 am.


  • Fr Jed Fox
  • Sheila Bristow
  • Gina McGlinn
  • Bill McGlinn
  • Tom Byrd
  • Pat Ginsberg
  • Debi Hermsmeier
  • Jenifer King
  • Debi Laughlin
  • Bob Chapman

Old Business

Discussion of last year’s seasonal art

One or two artists take charge of the each season was approved and four individuals volunteered:

  • Jenifer and Pat will create the Advent design
  • Debi and Jenifer will create the Christmas design

Bill recruited individuals for the remaining seasons.

  • Julie and Bill created the Epiphany design
  • Gina and Elizabeth M. created the Lent design
  • Bill, Alan M., and Debi H. created the Lent design
  • Bill added the Pentecost design

New Business

Design and ideas for seasonal art

Discussion of the upcoming year.

One or two artists volunteered to be the point people responsible for each season. The point people are responsible to create ideas, design, and get help as needed for the execution and installation of the liturgical art. 

  • Debi Laughlin volunteered to create the Advent design (Emily Austin can also help)
  • Jenifer King and Debi Hermister volunteered to create the Christmas design
  • Bill McGlinn and Pat Ginsberg volunteered to create the Pentecost design
  • No one volunteered for the Epiphany design
  • No one volunteered for the Lent design
  • No one volunteered for the Easter design

Bill McGlinn will do the following:

  • Recruit individuals for the remaining seasons.
  • Create a calendar for the review of the designs, coordination of the installation of the art, and additional meeting of the Liturgical Arts Committee.


Next Meeting: date to be determined.

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