Foundation for Academic Endeavors Proposal

This is the proposal to the Earley Outreach Fund for Foundation for Academic Endeavors.

Outreach Proposal

Date: December 15, 2015

Individual(s) or Organization Applying: Foundation for Academic Endeavors, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN #47-4347441

Although this organization is located in the Skagit Valley and provides programs for the children of Latino and migrant farm-worker families, it is not affiliated with la Iglesia Episcopal de la Resurrección. Rather, Foundation for Academic Endeavors is an independent, ecumenical, nonprofit foundation working in conjunction with the Episcopal Church, Diocese of Olympia, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Northwest Washington Synod.

Board Members

  • Rosario Aguilar
  • John Baker
  • Emilio Benitez
  • Mark Blindheim
  • Kären Larson
  • Esmeralda Martinez
  • Bill McGlinn
  • Robin Ringland
  • Carol Rodin
  • Marlene Rios
  • Deanna Scott
  • Kate Scott
  • Julie Spangler

Thirteen board members, directors and friends, have come together to provide opportunities for low-income families.

  • Three members of the board are retired teachers who have worked extensively in tutoring and summer school programs.
  • One is a retired university president.
  • Four of the board members are Latino leaders in the community.
  • Four of our board members work with homeless families providing immediate housing needs and organizing feeding programs for the homeless.
  • Five of our board members have been the directors of summer day camps, and involved in the hiring and training of staff and volunteers.

Primary Proposal Contact Information

Name: J. Bill McGlinn


Description of the project for which funding is requested

In January, in conjunction with Community Action of Skagit Valley, we will begin an after-school enrichment program for children held at the same time as English classes for their parents. We hope to serve 30 children twice a week.

In partnership with Skagit Valley College, we are developing a four-week education and enrichment camp for the summer of 2016. We hope to serve up to 100 children and their families and to partner with church communities to provide a mutually transformative experience for both volunteers and the families.

The funds will be used for the following:

  • Administrative costs of the foundation (insurance, rent, supplies, bookkeeping)
  • Site supervisors
  • School supplies and enrichment activities in music, drama, literacy, and the arts

A private donor is paying for a choir director who will come weekly to provide choral music instruction and prepare children for performances.

Our program will focus on enrichment opportunities not only for the students but also for their parents. Field trips will be planned for the whole family.

We will partner with Community Action of Skagit Valley to provide English classes for parents that are contextualized to provide parents with a learning experience that will help them to support their children’s education and personal growth. These classes will address things such as the following:

  • The difference between the American and Latin American school systems
  • The American political system
  • Human rights
  • Cultural norms 

How will the individual or organization requesting funds be involved in the activities for which funding is requested?

The FAE board coordinates all funding and programming.  Board members each volunteer time in both the after school and summer program for hands on program experience.

Other possible sources of funds

We plan to submit application to the following:

  • Local Tribal foundations for transportation
  • The PACCAR Foundation for electronics
  • School’s Out Washington and Page Ahead for support with literacy
  • Roman Catholic archdiocese and national church for funds to serve migrant children
  • Episcopal national church for funds to buy library books
  • Individual Episcopal and Lutheran churches and private donors

Are there other individuals or organizational partners involved in the activities for which funding is requested? If so, list and describe their roles.

  • Skagit Valley College — provide classroom space, volunteers and interns
  • Burlington-Edison School District — provide meals and transportation
  • Mount Vernon School District — provide meals, transportation and teacher training workshops
  • Original author of the Heartwood Ethics Curriculum — provide teacher training in the art of storytelling
  • Latino community leadership program is developing a plan to oversee one aspect of the summer camp.
  • Maestros and Calling All Colors, two student clubs on the campus of Skagit Valley College that are working with our programs to provide volunteers and interns. Maestros is a training program for bilingual students to get their teaching credentials through both Skagit Valley College and Western Washington University.

How do the activities envisioned in this proposal fulfill the Baptismal Covenant and build the Kingdom of God?

  • Will you proclaim by word and example the good news of God and Christ?
  • Will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being?”
  • Will you seek and serve Christ in all persons loving your neighbor as yourself?

The purpose of our foundation is to create opportunities for academic growth for low-income families from all language groups, all ages, all religions who would benefit from academic companionship, including but not limited to the following: enrichment opportunities, academic programs for children, adult education, ministry partnerships.

Our foundation board believes that when we work together we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to create a fuller expression of God’s love and transformation. We believe that working as a collective means that we all learn from one another the value of each person. Each individual, program volunteer, board member, volunteer, or program participant, provides us an opportunity to see the world from a different perspective and has a God given role in the transformation of our world.

Striving for justice and peace includes providing the oppressed with opportunities to develop their talents and skills in order to find their voice in society and to learn to advocate for a more just and humane system.

In addition to funding, are there ways that Redeemer parishioners can support the activities described in this proposal (e.g., volunteer labor, provide materials, etc.)?

Bill McGlinn’s responsibilities not only include finances and finance policies, he also has done the following:

  • Worked with the insurance company to determine liability needs
  • Is developing a plan for safety policies and implementation
  • Is developing relationships with school district to access federal food programs

During the summer, we will be inviting members of Redeemer to volunteer as the following:

  • Classroom aides
  • Mentor teachers
  • Kitchen help
  • Office help
  • During worship

Opportunities for year round volunteer support include the following:

  • Volunteer data base management
  • Graphic design
  • Grant editing and proofreading
  • Board participation

What is the total amount of funding requested?

List the major expense categories and the approximate amount of each.

$15,000 total:

  • $10,000 to be used during Phase 1 for the following:
    • Costs of administration
    • After-school/ESL program
    • The Drama Camp during spring break
  • $5,000 to be used during Phase 2 for the costs of technology and Summer Camp


Overall Revenue Notes Amount
Phase 1 Total Administration and

After-School/ESL, Drama Camp

Phase 2 Total Technology and Summer Camp $44,000


Overall Revenue Phase 1 and Phase 2 $78,600



Overall  Expenses Notes Amount
Phase 1 Total Administration and

After-School/ESL, Drama Camp

Phase 2 Total Technology and Summer Camp $44,000
Overall Expenses Phase 1 and Phase 2 $78,345




Revenue Notes Amount
Phase 1
Fiesta Navideña 50% of unspent funds from 2014

To be used for field trips, choir director, drama camp, enrichment supplies, books

Christ Church Anacortes $5,000
St. John’s Gig Harbor $1,100
Redeemer Earley Outreach   $10,000
Private Donors $5,000
Board pledges $250/month $3,000
After-school registration fee $25/child/session

Note:  30 children, 2 sessions, 1/3 scholarships

Background check donations (board and after-school volunteers and staff) ~50% ($300 + $575) $500
Total Phase 1 $34,600
Phase 2
Fiesta Navideña Field Trip and Books $1,500
Other Church Grants St. Margaret’s, Emmanuel, St. Thomas, St. Michael’s, St. James $8,000
Redeemer Early Outreach   $5,000
Tribes Muckelshoot, Tulalip, Swinomish, Lummi $7,000
School supply co-op Parents can buy supplies that we buy in bulk.  $25/child x 100 students $2,500
Registration Fees 100 students x $30, 1/3 scholarships $2,000
Other Grants Foundations and Private Donors (School’s Out Washington, MacIntyre, Murdock, Janson Foundation, PACCAR) $18,000
Total Phase 2   $44,000
Overall Revenue Phase 1 and Phase 2 $78,600







Expenses Phase 1 Notes Amount
Phase 1:  Foundation Administration (14%)
Clerk $75/month $900
Interpreter/Translator $25/month + 2 retreats $500
Rent to Burlington Lutheran Church $200/month (after we receive some grants) $2,400
Insurance Liability and $1,000,000 umbrella $1700
Insurance Deductible Setting aside into savings – need $1,000 for normal insurance and $10,000 should we need to use the extra million dollar umbrella) $500
Accountant, Tax Preparation $500
Bookkeeper $200/month $1200
Postage and Office Supplies $100/month $1,200
Bank checks, transfer fees $200
Audit Expense Setting aside funds into savings for when we do a professional audit $500
Background checks for Board $25 x 12 $300
Contingency 5% $500
Total Administration   $10,400
Phase 1: S.E.E.D.

After School Program (Enrichment, ESL)

Office supplies, copies $500
Bridge Conference, School’s Out Washington 3 people registration, mileage $1,620
Site Supervisors honorarium


June-May:  3 x $1500

Each supervisor comes 6 times /month

Site Supervisors 2 supervisors, 40 hours/month, 3 months, $25/hour $6,250
       Choir director** 33 weeks, 2 hours each week, $25/hour

(14 extra hours for two performances)

       Field Trips for children and their parents** **Transportation, entry fees $3,000
Enrichment Supplies** Art supplies, music supplies $1000
Books for library ** Preschool Heartwood curriculum plus additional books for older grades $500
Background checks $25 each, 23 staff and volunteers $575
Curriculum purchase ** site licenses, texts $500
Videographer $500
Contingency 5% $1,000
Total After School Program $21,945
Phase 1:  Drama Camp, Spring Break  
Total Drama Camp** Director and supplies $2,000
Phase 1 Total Administration and

After-School/ESL, Drama Camp








Expenses Phase 2 Notes Amount
Phase 2:  Technology
Tablets – 10 $500 each $5,000
Tablet / Computer storage One lockable suitcase $250
Total Technology   $5,250
Phase 2:  Summer Camp Program
Teacher Stipends 6 classroom, 1 PE, $1,500 each $10,500
Bi-lingual Aides 2 x $1000 $2,000
Kitchen Aides/Cooks Would serve at one meal, breakfast OR lunch, 4 x $500 $2,000
Custodians 2 x $500 $1,000
Snacks $1,000
Volunteer Meals 12 x $5 x 20 $1,200
Kitchen Supplies $1,250
Transportation – daily 1 bus $3,750
Classroom Supplies and Curriculum $1,000
Books** For older students that are not provided by Page Ahead $500
T-shirts $700
Backpacks and School Supplies Parents pay $20 per child.  It’s a co-op.  Supplies will be bought in bulk.  Assumption: 100 students $2000
Field Trips and Special Performances** Transportation, fees for visiting artists $1,000
Office Supplies $1,000
Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies $500
Carpet Cleaning $1,000
Garbage Fee, Recycling, Compost $500
Background Checks $25/person, 100 staff and volunteers $2,500
Teacher Training Workshops $750
Visitations for Volunteer Recruitment Expenses for visiting partner churches $800
Videographer $500
Camp Nurse $1,500
Contingency 5% $1,800
Total Summer Camp Program   $38,750
Phase 2 Total Technology and Summer Camp $44,000

When are funds needed?

List dates and amounts as accurately as possible.

  • To help the after-school program we would need funds in February of 2016.
  • For the summer camp program we would need funds in May of 2016.

Church of the Redeemer

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Church of the Redeemer is at 6210 Northeast 181st Street in Kenmore, Washington. We are a short distance north of Bothell Way, near the Burke-Gilman Trail. The entrance looks like a gravel driveway. The campus is larger on the inside than it is on the outside.

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