Vestry Report, May 16, 2016

After the annual meeting and the election of new Vestry members, there was a strategic planning session. All current Vestry members and those who just left the Vestry attended this meeting.

We began with this focus question:

How can we build our membership, achieve financial stability and remain true to our mission?

We spend a day and a half looking at the following:

  • Our history
  • The trends we saw that affected the church and the world
  • Identifying the elements of a practical vision
  • Discerning what prevents us from the realization of the vision
  • Developing a set of proposed actions that we can take to deal with the contradictions and move towards the vision
  • Plan for measurable accomplishments and actions steps to carry out our new vision

The Vestry members at the end of the planning session identified four action areas:

  1. Discovering new depths
  2. Engaging with the outside
  3. Rebooting our organization
  4. Reviving our sacred space

Each of these teams developed specific actions. You many have seen some of these specific actions already taking place and some remain in the planning stage.

Some of the items the Vestry has moved on are the following:

  • Develop a team of people who can take the Eucharist to people unable to attend church.
  • Explore a book to read in the fall as a congregation.
  • Develop a comprehensive list of projects that need to be done to the church and decide which are the most critical.
  • Develop a commission structure and explain it to the community.
  • Work with greeters to make sure newcomers are welcome.
  • Make sure the monthly workdays focus on creating an inviting, welcoming space.

Parish Finances

The financial picture continues to be problematic. Several members of our community are moving to other locations.

We will be spending abut $3,500 on the boiler this summer in order to make sure we are warm during the winter.

Pearson estate

The final settlement of the Pearson estate includes a $44,000 final payment. This is in addition to the IRA money which has already been received. The Vestry is developing a set of policy directives for the use of the Pearson money, presenting it at the next Vestry meeting.

Renting our space

We are renting out space in the undercroft to several different organizations.

  • The Kenmore Senior Center is expanding usage in the undercroft by adding a yoga class to the senior exercise program that already meets there.
  • 21 Acres is a community sponsored agriculture farm organization. They will use the third alcove in the undercroft to store their ice chests three days a week. Fr. Jed plans to clean out that space to make it available for them.

We are looking to see if another cell tower can be placed on the roof. Details are still being worked out. One benefit would be the update from the Church’s internet connection from the current slower DSL network to a faster fiber optic network.  More details will be available as the negotiations continue.


The Church of the Redeemer has notified the Diocese of Olympia that we are planning on submitting a grant for educational assistance. We have been encouraged to apply for the grant.

Earley Outreach Fund

Some people from the The Warehouse will be in the area in July. They will be at church to report on the project we funded through the Earley Outreach Fund.

The Mission to Seafarers has a proposal before the Earley Outreach fund. A committee will be formed soon when the proposal from the Mission to Seafarers is complete.

Safeguarding God’s Children

On May 21, 2016, Bill McGlinn and Mark Blendheim will lead Safeguarding God’s Children classes. This is from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Everyone who comes in contact with the children of this (or any other) parish needs to attend one of these classes every five years.

Office Assistant

Marcia and Brad Berreth are moving to Denver. We will be sad to see them move to another parish. This also means the part time position of office assistant is open. The information will be posted on the website and on the bulletin board when it is finalized.

Church of the Redeemer

Community life at Redeemer centers on worship in the Episcopal traditionArt and music vitally deepen this worship. Our faith expresses itself with service to people, locally to internationally.

Church of the Redeemer is at 6210 Northeast 181st Street in Kenmore, Washington. We are a short distance north of Bothell Way, near the Burke-Gilman Trail. The entrance looks like a gravel driveway. The campus is larger on the inside than it is on the outside.

The Episcopal Church welcomes you.