April 2017 energy production

This information is a report on energy production from the solar panels on the roof at Church of the Redeemer for April 2017.

Monthly Energy Production Report for Redeemer-Kenmore

Enphase Energy maximizes your solar energy production and keeps you informed about your system. Your monthly energy report shows how your system performed and how much you contributed to offsetting the global carbon footprint.

Week Peak Power Energy Produced
04/01/2017 – 04/07/2017 21.9 kW 474 kWh
04/08/2017 – 04/14/2017 21.5 kW 695 kWh
04/15/2017 – 04/21/2017 22.4 kW 732 kWh
04/22/2017 – 04/28/2017 22.1 kW 575 kWh
04/29/2017 – 04/30/2017 19.5 kW 116 kWh
April 2017 Total: 2.59 MWh
Previous Month Total: 1.68 MWh
Year to Date: 6.61 MWh

For more details on these production results, please visit your Enphase® system.

Your Carbon Offset for this month: 1.79 tons

You have offset the equivalent of: 46 Trees

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Plaque saying that the solar panels were given by John Pearson.

The solar panels at Church of the Redeemer were paid for by a bequest of John Pearson.

Church of the Redeemer

Community life at Redeemer centers on worship in the Episcopal tradition. Art and music vitally deepen this worship. Our faith expresses itself with service to people, locally to internationally.

Church of the Redeemer is at 6210 Northeast 181st Street in Kenmore, Washington. We are a short distance north of Bothell Way, near the Burke-Gilman Trail. The entrance looks like a gravel driveway. The campus is larger on the inside than it is on the outside.

The Episcopal Church welcomes you.