Who is using our church: 21 Acres

Every Tuesday afternoon through the end of October 2017, the Harvest Share program of 21 Acres comes to the Parish Hall at Church of the Redeemer. This program makes local food more accessible for people living on limited resources. It encourages people to eat local, organic food. Also, it encourages people to live lighter on the planet. Participants pay wholesale price for the produce.

Overall, Harvest Share does the following:

  • Provides inspiration to cook at home
  • Stretch the participants’ food dollars
  • Reduce waste

Each week participants come to the Parish Hall pick up a share of organic fruits and veggies grown by Washington farmers. Along with the food, most people get a recipe weekly.

The foods change each week. It depends on what is in season and what is available. On July 11, 2017, what 21 Acres distributed included the following:

  • Onions
  • Chard
  • Apricots
  • Strawberries
  • Cabbage
  • Carrots

While there, people get tips on sustainable living. On July 11, the tip was on sunscreen. They encouraged people to select the following products:

  • Does not harm their skin
  • Does not Introduce toxins into the environment

Do you know anyone who is eligible for Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) or who is using Washington Basic Food (SNAP)? If so, they can participate to purchase food through Harvest Share. For more information, call 21 Acres at 425-481-1500 or send an email message to meghan@21acres.org.

Harvest Share CSA food access program

21 Acres

Founded in 2006, the purpose of 21 Acres is to promote the benefits of local food systems within the context of climate challenges. They explore the relationship between our natural and built environments, and the transition from an unsustainable, fossil fuel-based lifestyle to sustainable and regenerative ways of living.

They innovate to solve current problems by infusing traditional concepts with new knowledge, and we value a whole systems approach to food production, small-scale food economies, environmental preservation, and climate resilience. People come to 21 Acres to unite around ideas and practices that will lead to a better future locally, regionally, and globally.

21 Acres is a center for sustainable agriculture education and collective action. They offer a range of food and farm-based programs, workshops, events, and tours within the farm, market, and LEED platinum certified building.

21 Acres

Church of the Redeemer

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