February 2018 Labyrinth Walk

Our next labyrinth walk at Church of the Redeemer is Tuesday, February 20, 2018, beginning at 7:00 pm. Our theme this February is Love. Come and walk with loving thoughts. The St. Brendan’s Guild will set up the space at 6:30 pm, if you wish to join. The labyrinth will remain open until all have walked.

Looking ahead, the March 20 walk will be a Lenten walk, from friends at Pilgrim Path in England.

Walking the Twelve Apostles

Why walk a labyrinth?

An ongoing practice of labyrinth walking can be an exciting and meaningful discipline. Labyrinth walking, whether on one’s feet or on a table top with a finger or stylus, can add to the journey of faith.

Labyrinths are walked for a variety of reasons. Examples include the following:

  • Listen to God.
  • Find the quiet center of one’s life.
  • Facilitate calm and stillness in a hectic world.
  • Celebrate joyful occasions and happenings.
  • Receive insights on problems.
  • Seek faithful clarity amidst life’s challenges and opportunities.
  • Seek healing for emotional and/or spiritual wounds.
  • Work on forgiveness.
  • Commemorate significant events or holy days.

Read more for a discussion on these labyrinth topics at Redeemer:

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Church of the Redeemer

Community life at Redeemer centers on worship in the Episcopal traditionArt and music vitally deepen this worship. Our faith expresses itself with service to people, locally to internationally.

Church of the Redeemer is at 6210 Northeast 181st Street in Kenmore, Washington. We are a short distance north of Bothell Way, near the Burke-Gilman Trail. The entrance looks like a gravel driveway. The campus is larger on the inside than it is on the outside.

The Episcopal Church welcomes you.