There are many ways to participate in the Church of the Redeemer community. These parish activities include the following:

  • Women in the parish gather once a year at St. Andrews House on Hood Canal for a Women’s Retreat, a gathering that nourishes both spiritually and socially
  • Regular concerts and recitals the make use of Redeemer’s organ and soaring nave
  • Parish artists and artisans who decorate the nave for various church seasons
  • Various social projects, including preparing lunch for the homeless and washing the feet of those experiencing homelessness
  • Worship on Sunday mornings and at other times
  • Gatherings to have fun, at picnics, and other celebrations

This video is an example of the community at Church of the Redeemer working together.


Liturgy means “work of the people.” The individuals in a community participating fully in the liturgy are no longer spectators. That community is fully engaged in the sacraments.

If you are interested in serving in any of these areas, please contact the church through e-mail at or call (425) 486-3777.

Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers

Lectors are non-clergy members of the congregation. They read the first and second lessons at the Eucharist, and assist with the Prayers of the People. In addition, lectors  serve as Eucharistic ministers, distributing the consecrated Wine during communion.

A lector needs clear reading voice, a willingness to review the lessons beforehand, and the ability to speak in front of a large group.


Sacristans keep the various items needed for the liturgies and worship of the church. This includes the items used to serve communion, the vestments. the bread and wine, and the candles.


Acolytes assist the clergy at the altar, participate in processions during the liturgy, and perform duties like ringing the bell during services.

Greeters and Welcomers

Greeters provide a most important function. They are the face of Redeemer community. Welcoming people as they arrive for services, they worshipers the Sunday bulletin and any other item needed for the service.

Welcomers make sure visitors know what to expect during the church service. They are available to answer questions visitors may have.


This is the team of people serving as parish leaders.


Sarah Phillips, Senior Warden

Sarah Phillips, Senior Warden, at the 2016 Annual Meeting

The Vestry is the board of directors of the parish. The members of the Vestry seek to understand and respond to the issues that come up, as in any organization. This includes governance and accountability, finance, maintenance, and operations.

The Vestry manages parish finances and buildings. They also keep members of the Redeemer community informed about the direction and future of the parish.

Vestry members come from all walks of life. They serve for 3 years. The Vestry meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m.. The following are the current members at Redeemer:

  • Term expires 2018
    • Tom Byrd
    • Cathy Haskins
    • Sarah Phillips
    • Matt Terry
  • Term expires 2019
    • Truman Coggins
    • Lance Dickie
    • Debi Laughlin
    • Bill McGlinn
  • Term expires 2020
    • Steve Daniel
    • Debbie Hermsmeier
    • Mike Howatt
    • Anne Walton

These are the officers of the Vestry, who are also the officers of the non-profit corporation in the State of Washington:

  • The Rev. Fr. Jedediah W. Fox, President
  • Sarah Phillips, Senior Warden
  • Bill McGlinn, Junior Warden
  • Lee Darrow, Secretary
  • Steve Daniel, Treasurer

To contact the officers of the Vestry, send an email message to

Most of the Vestry and Officers for 2016

Most of the Vestry and Officers for 2016. Front row, left to right: Lee Darrow, Fr. Jed Fox, Sarah Phillips, Steve Daniel. Back row, left to right: Cathy Haskins, Debi Laughlin, Teri Howatt, Jen King, Matt Terry, Bill McGlinn, Tom Byrd, Roger Christiansen

Diocesan Convention Delegates

These people represent the Church of the Redeemer at the convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia every year. There are also regional meetings.

  • Men
    • Bill McGlinn
    • Mark Phillips
  • Women
    • Lee Darrow
    • Debi Laughlin
  • Alternates
    • Maren Donley
    • Jennifer King
    • Matt Terry
  • Clergy
    • The Rev. Fr. Jedediah W. Fox
    • The Rev. Fr. John P. Zimmerman (retired)


The “Outline of the Faith” in the Book of Common Prayer (the Catechism) says this on page 856:

Q. What is the duty of all Christians?

A. The duty of all Christians is to follow Christ;
to come together week by week for corporate worship;
and to work, pray, and give for the spread of the kingdom of God.

It is  easy for us to become focused on keeping the lights on, meeting the budget, funding our ministry, to forget that giving is, first and foremost, a spiritual discipline. In a monetized society, the ministry of the church does require money. For Redeemer to be the sanctuary that we are called to be, lights do need to be changed, the heat does need to be on, but it must be more than that. Jesus tells us, “God knows that you need these things. But strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matt.6:32b-33).

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Stewardship Talks

On April 21, 2013, four members of the congregation talked to the community about different aspects of stewardship.

Steve Daniel, Liberating Decision

Eric Haskins, Why I Attend Church Each Sunday

Ann Walton, Opportunity to Show People the Grace of God

Emily Austin, The Unexpected

Keepers of the Sacred Garden

Memorial Garden gate

Gate to the Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden at the Church of the Redeemer is a sacred gathering place for the community to remember those who have gone before us, reflect on the beauty of God’s creation, and celebrate the church’s community life today.

The Keepers of the Sacred Garden is a stewardship position. Keepers maintain the Memorial Garden through monthly work parties. They maintain and enhance the Garden in keeping with a basic design approved by the Vestry and the parish.

All are invited to participate. No gardening expertise is required. You only need an interest in the garden and a willingness to be involved.

We have some truly skilled and knowledgeable gardeners as members. Some fund raising projects might be undertaken as the group works to enhance the garden.

If you are interested in becoming a Keeper of the Sacred Garden, contact us through e-mail at or call (425) 486-3777.


Music Director Sheila Bristow

Music Director Sheila Bristow

During the program year, music for the 10:30 Eucharist is provided by Organist-Choirmaster Sheila Bristow and the Redeemer Choir. For feast days, evening services, and concerts, there are  guest musicians from the parish and the professional music community.

Read more about the music program, including how much fun it is to sing in the choir.

Send an e-mail our Choirmaster at

Church of the Redeemer

Community life at Redeemer centers on worship in the Episcopal traditionArt and music vitally deepen this worship. Our faith expresses itself with service to people, locally to internationally.

Church of the Redeemer is at 6210 181st Street in Kenmore, Washington. We are a short distance north of Bothell Way, near the Burke-Gilman Trail. The entrance looks like a gravel driveway. The campus is larger on the inside than it is on the outside.

The Episcopal Church welcomes you.