Vestry Report, December 5, 2015

This is the Vestry report for November 2015.

Financial Report

Stewardship campaign

A huge thanks to everyone who returned their pledge cards.  Knowing how much money we anticipate for the year helps us to build a budget.  As of December 1, 2015, we have about half of the pledge cards returned.

Members of the Vestry will be calling those of you who have not yet turned in your pledge cards.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support Church of the Redeemer with the gift of your resources.

At the annual meeting in January 2016, Steve Daniel will present the following:

  • Actual budget based on the income from the pledges
  • The reductions in the budget from this year that carry over
  • The estimated changes in costs

Vestry short term planning

The Vestry met for a Saturday morning in late September to help develop a plan for the time between then and early February.  Our intent is to provide for the financial stability of the church.

In the past few months we have:

  • Reviewed the budget and redone contracts for the photocopying machine and the cleaning service.
  • Recommitted ourselves to our existing programs
  • Hosted four Dinner for 8 dinners with about 35 people participating.
  • Posted the proposed budget in the parish hall in the undercroft
  • Made a presentation on the budget at adult education
  • Rented out the space to a new group
  • Made personal presentation on why we pledge to the church
  • Delayed some projects until we had a clearer picture of our finances
  • Heard sermons on stewardship

In the next month or two we plan on:

  • Send out a post card to people our 3000 closest neighbors and inviting them to Advent and Christmas.
  • Plan on developing a way to invite new people in more intentionally.
  • Scope out a design for an actual newsletter and determine the costs.
  • Plan on s strategic planning session with the old and new members of the Vestry in February.

Longer Term Planning

In February 2016, we are going to have a Vestry retreat.  By February, new Vestry members will have been elected at the annual meeting.  Before the existing members leave the Vestry we plan on having a combined planning session.

We will keep you informed as we get closer and know more.

Pearson Estate

John Pearson’s estate included an IRA for $330,000 that was finalized and will be given to the church.  It was John’s intention that the funds be used for maintenance and seed money.  The disposition of the rest of the estate continues to be uncertain.

John’s gift reminds all of us that if you wish to remember the church in your estate planning, making the church a beneficiary or partial beneficiary of an IRA is a very easy way to do that.  You do not have to change your will, or any trusts. You only change the beneficiary. The other is to plan to donate a specific amount to the church.  If you need assistance in estate planning, please contact Fr Jed.

Rental of the church building

One of the ways the Vestry is working on to increase revenue and visibility is to seek ways to rent the space out to local groups.  King’s Players is now renting the church for rehearsals and board meetings.  Matt Terry is associated with the group.

We already rent space to Friday Nighters and Northshore Senior Center for and exercise program.

If you know anyone who would like to rent our space, talk to Fr. Jed or any member of the Vestry.


Earley Outreach

The Vestry decided to fund the Warehouse project for $12,000 from the Earley Outreach Fund.  As you may recall, we had a Eucharist in November that included a presentation on the Warehouse project.  We prayed about it and, at the last Vestry meeting, decided to fund the project.

Read a summary of the request from the Warehouse at the end of this report. You are encouraged to sign up for the Warehouse newsletters:

(Also see this information about the Warehouse.)

Award for our efforts with Market Bucks program at Lake Forest Park Farmers Market

The Church of the Redeemer is going to be the recipient of the Friend of the Community Award from Third Place Commons for the donation to the Market Bucks program.

The Earley Outreach fund completed a 5-year donation cycle supporting the local farmers market. It provided seed money to Market Bucks for the distribution of food coupons to our hungry neighbors through service organizations, including Hopelink.

The Market Bucks program is increasingly supported by additional donations and grants.

Watch for a table sign up for the Community breakfast.  The sign up list will be available in January 2016.  The breakfast is Thursday, February 25, 2016, at 7:30 am.

Annual Diocesan Convention

The annual convention of the Diocese of Olympia was held in November.  The Church of the Redeemer won an award for the most improved website. We will receive free photography from a professional.

The Warehouse project summary

The World Health Organization (WHO) in a report on sanitation March 2013 declared that “open defecation perpetuates the vicious cycle of disease and poverty and is an affront to personal dignity” affecting under five childhood mortality, nutrition and negatively impacts on violence against women and children.

The South African Human Rights Commission has stated that human dignity, privacy and equality have been violated by the city of Cape Town in its service delivery of sanitation to communities across the city. This is particularly true for the more than half a million residents of informal settlements within the metropolitan area.

The discussion in Cape Town about poorer sanitation in the informal settlement area has taken different political, social and legal turns with the emergence of political party aligned “poo protesters” who have dumped feces in public spaces as a form of protest. The political parties have consistently refused to debate the issues related to sanitation in ways that actually change the reality of life for the people most affected by it.

In an effort to present alternate ways of engaging with the issue, Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, Thabo Makgoba, has led “walks of witness” to expose these realities and to place pressure on the city government to implement real changes. The Warehouse has participated in many of these initiatives directly representing Archbishop Thabo’s involvement in mediation and advocacy work with civil society and local government on sanitation related matters.

In response to requests from churches across the City yearning to see the church take a prophetic lead role on this issue, the Warehouse hosted a series of encounters centered around World Toilet Day in November 2014. The title of the series of events was “Redeeming the Narrative” and church members from around Cape Town participated.

Local government elections are being held in South Africa during the first half of 2016 and the delivery of sanitation services will be a key focal issue of the campaigns. It represents a unique chance for the church to engage in the mission of proclaiming the Kingdom of God by challenging unjust structures and working against violence of every kind. We are seeking funding to expand this work in 2015 and 2016. The sanitation advocacy campaign would have the following outcomes:

  • Substantive and progressive change in the city of Cape Town’s sanitation service delivery, specifically within informal settlement.
  • Local congregations and denominational structures will be advocating for sanitation related injustices in a creative and reflective ways.
  • Church members who are not directly impacted by these injustices will be informed and willing to act as a result of appropriate theological refection, technical input and direct exposure to the reality of these issues
  • Church members, local congregations and denominational structures will have participated in individual and collective advocacy actions that express a prophetic biblical view on these matters.

These would be achieved through the following activities:

  • A series of four training events for church leaders to help them engage theologically and otherwise with the core issues re sanitation.
  • Development of resources for individual and small group study.
  • Production of a video clip as a mobilizing tool.
  • An advocacy campaign aimed at each of the political parties participating in the elections in 2016.

Church of the Redeemer

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