Create a personal Rule of Life

For adult education on October 15 and 22, 2017, at Church of the Redeemer, we will look at several outlines for creating a personal Rule of Life.

The purpose of a Rule of Life is to regulate our time and priorities to be sure we make the best use of the talents and skills the Holy Spirit has given us.

A schedule defends us from chaos and whim. It is a net for catching days. —Annie Dillard.

What can be said for a schedule could be said of a Rule.

Time is the currency of our era. —Robert Benson

Creating a Rule of Life is both fun and challenging. Join us in the Education Building for these two Sundays in October at 9:30 am.

Rule of Life

A “rule of life” can mean two different things.

A personal rule of life is a set of guidelines and commitments directing one’s life. The rule usually includes the following:

  • Set times of daily prayer and meditation
  • Study, such as reading the Bible
  • Acts of charity

A personal rule can also include any of the following:

  • Regular attendance at the Holy Eucharist
  • Making retreats
  • Placing oneself under a spiritual director or confessor
  • Fasting or other acts of self denial.

A rule may be worked out with a spiritual director, or one may follow a shortened or modified version of the rule of a particular religious order.

Some people commit to a rule that is basically a resolve to live with a certain disposition of prayer, study, and charity. Participation in the Daily Office is at the heart of Anglican spirituality, and included in many rules of life.

A rule of life can be the document in which a religious community has formulated its fundamental understanding of religious life. The early model was the Rule of St. Augustine, in which spiritual principles are accompanied by simple regulations. It inspired the more elaborate Rule of St. Benedict and other monastic rules.

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