Prayers and other resources in wake of violence in Israel and Palestine

Episcopal Church and Anglican leaders continue to share prayers and statements calling for an end to the violence impacting Israelis and Palestinians.

Below is a partial list of statements and resources.

Cry out! Cry out!
O God, what shall we cry?
Cry out for justice, cry out for love.
Cry out for hope, cry out for mercy.
Cry out for kindness, cry out for compassion.
Let everything that hath breath, cry out!
What shall we cry?
Cry out for peace! Amen.

The Most Reverend Melissa Skelton

The Most Reverend Melissa Skelton is Bishop Provisional of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia.

It’s with humility that I offer you words and a prayer related to the horrific situation in Israel, Gaza, and the entire Middle East.

The violent, shocking October 7 attack on Israel, including the taking of hostages, was an unspeakable act. The oppression, terrorizing, and targeting of innocent civilians – Israelis or Palestinians – recently or in the past – is wrong.

At the same time (and I will speak just for myself here), the history, the political dynamics, and the religious circumstances within and among those in the region are complex and fraught beyond my comprehension – though I am doing my best to comprehend them.

And so, I offer you this brief prayer for now, a prayer I will be praying daily.

Loving and liberating Creator, send your healing Spirit upon all involved in the current conflict and violence in the Middle East. Comfort those who mourn or who have been harmed by brutality. Stand with those who are fearful. Protect and provide for the powerless and the vulnerable. Inspire a spirit of forbearance and understanding within all and uphold those who even now work for a just and durable peace. In the name of Christ. Amen.

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